UNAFAS is about Africans standing straight and tall. It is about Africans doing things for themselves and not waiting for others to do it for us. It is about regaining our dignity and our pride. It is about seeking our own solutions to our own problems. It is about building our own societies with our own moral and social values.

Extract from inaugural ceremony

UNAFAS was founded by a group of Africans who were concerned about the state of their continent. Prominent leaders who had embraced democratic principles, their vision was for an association that could unite the peoples of Africa, help them appreciate their common heritage, the multitude of uniqueness on the continent, and to find solutions to Africa’s problems that built on and celebrated these.

UNAFAS was registered as an international association and launched in Yaounde in 1995. In subsequent years the executive president worked with actors from Tanzania and Kenya, across Congo, Mali, Ghana, to Libya. A particularly dynamic chapter in Cameroon has worked effectively with numerous and diverse partners across the national territory and beyond.

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