UNAFAS was founded by a group of Africans who were concerned about the state of their continent. They were led by Kenneth Kaunda and their vision was for an association that could unite the peoples of Africa, help them appreciate their common heritage, the multitude of uniqueness on the continent, and to find solutions to Africa's problems that built on and celebrated these.

UNAFAS was registered in Yaoundé, Cameroon in 1994, and launched in 1995; the vice and honorary presidents being OUA secretary generals and prominent African leaders who have accepted and embraced democratic principles.

Our current programmes focus on democratisation, education, conservation values, culture and providing opportunities to marginalised women. Programmes are integrated in order to address the goals and vision of UNAFAS in a cross-cutting and harmonised way. Many of our projects are community centred, promoting team spirits and common purpose because we believe that unity in communities is the basis for national solidarity.

To improve the continent Africans must learn to work together, at all levels.