The goal of the UNAFAS women's programme is -
'to encourage and provide opportunity to African women, to help them improve their social and economic staus, their living conditions and well being.'


Awards In 2014 we administered the Cameroon Women's Scholarship Programme for the British High Commission in Yaoundé. It is now run by CWS Alumni, you can learn more about the programme on their Facebook page.


Income generation

We have constructed kilns for women's pottery groups in north Cameroon, reducing their workload and increasing the quality and value of their products.




Improved firesides /foyer amelioré

We promote cookstoves that reduce fuel wood consumption, make less smoke, reduce burns, and cook more quickly than available alternatives.




Workplace experience
Click on the title, left, to read how one young lady's horizons and experience were widened.

Professional development
Brilliant young women given a helping hand through our African Scholars Programme.





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