Promotes cook stoves that reduce fuel wood consumption and improve living conditions for women and children.

We are working to improve efficiency, safety and healthiness of domestic wood energy use, in urban & rural households dependant on wood fires for cooking. We promote the use of affordable, locally produced stoves that use less wood, cook more quickly and make less smoke than open fires.

The need to collect and carry less wood reduces the gruelling workload of rural women and children, and releases money for other basic needs like education, healthcare and food, in urban households that buy fuel wood.


The stoves expose users to less heat and smoke than available alternatives, reducing burns, skin, eye and lung problems.
We teach local potters how to manufacture the stoves, boosting their income generation, >400 have been distributed, in four provinces - sold to those with means, subsidised or free to those unable to pay.
Brochure on improved cookstoves

Article, 1st impressions of improved clay cookstove



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