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Technical guides (UNAFAS 2008):  how to germinate and nurse:

- Azobe                           Lophira alata
- Bitter kola                     Garcinia kola

- Bush mango                 Irvingia spp

- Bush onion                   Afrostyrax spp

- Calicedrat                    Khaya senegalensis

- Camwood                    Baphia nitida             

- Cashew                        Anacardium occidentalis

- Christmas tree             Terminalia mantaly

- 'Four corners'               Tetrapleura tetraptera

- Jacaranda                    Jacaranda mimosifolia

- 'Mahogany'                   Entandrophragma angolenses & E. utile

- Neem                             Azadiracha indica

- Njangsanga                  Ricinodendron heudelotii


The African Pilote is an occasional publication of UNAFAS. It reflects the diversity of UNAFAS activity, includes report and analysis of work we do and support, reviews and contributions from partners. Some editions are designed for lay people, some for students, others for subject area specialists.

Volume 1, 2014. Democratisation and student leadership. English edition.

Volume 2, 2014. Environment day in a Mambila speaking community in Adamoua Region. English edition.

Volume 3, 2014. Environment Day,tree planting and WASH. French edition.

Volume 4, 2016. Education for Sustainable Development. English& French edition.

Volume 5, 2018. Young people - in peacebuilding, democracy and governance in Africa.

UNAFAS, 2018, Yaoundé, Cameroon