Education is to empower, and to enable.

In 2004/5 we administered the Cameroon Women's Scholarship Programme. It offered ten one million fcfa grants to help exceptional young Cameroonian women complete a masters programme in Cameroon. The programme is now run by by it's alumni.


We work with poorer communities, to help them help themselves, to build schools, community development progrmmes, and to become active confident citizens, solving their own problems.

Rhontong village school, Bui Division


We bring new ideas and new technologies to improve livelihoods in rural communities

Training to improve agriculture

We work with school education authorities, helping them provide quality basic education.
Educational resource materials donated
15,000 reading books donated to primary schools
Training for primary school managers and teachers
Training and resources for 50 rural teachers, and community educators
We have organised IT equipment and resources that will help deaf children at Njinikejem Baptist School Boyo Division to learn vocational skills, and their hearing class-mates to improve sign language communication .

Educational support for hearing impaired students

May 2009 Njinikejem report
Widening horizons and opportunities for deaf children
Integrated education for deaf children - Njinikejem community making progress, December 2009
We are helping education authorities introduce Education for Sustainable Development into their schools, colleges and universities
We designed and delivered a programme to engage and prepare key stakeholders for setting up and running medicinal plant gardens in schools

The gardens will promote active and participatory teaching and learning, and help educators relate curriculum teaching to everyday issues and contexts

A presentation for schools on medicinal plant gardens

We created a tailor made course for trainee teachers at the Université Evangleique du Cameroun, work with UEC to keep the course updated and have supported teaching two batches of trainees

We introduced UECs first CPD course on Education for Sustainable Development 
You can read trainees accounts of practical school projects they completed in a recent edition of the African Pilote, by clicking here

We were proud to share these innovations at the Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa's (EEASA) 2016 Conference in Johannesburg - Click on the links below to read the abstracts
Education for Sustainable Development: a case study from Cameroon

An EE/ESD success story 

Our work with ISTP using art-based approaches in Environment and Sustainability Education was shared with EEASA at the 2016 Conference in Maun, Botswana  -  click on the title below to read the abstract
Environmentally themed visual arts as a tool to enhance Quality Education in Early Childhood teaching and learning.

We encourage teaching of leadership and citizenship skills in schools - helping education authorities to establish standards for school governance and school elections, and to integrate the principles behind these into everyday school life. Three booklets have been published, tested in ten schools, and are standard references in >50 schools in four regions.

School elections - Guidelines
School elections - Notes for students
School elections - Monitoring and evaluation
The fourth student leadership booklet is a resource for students and teachers, classroom, club, debating and informal use.

School elections - vocabulary


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