UNAFAS Democratisation Mission -
'To promote and work for the establishment of just, free and democratic governments in Africa.'


In collaboration with the Cameroon Bar Association we are mobilising lawyers to participate in the process of enabling full community involvement in local and national governance.


School Governance - We are helping education authorities standardize school elections, to ensure that young people know free and fair election process. School elections guidelines have been produced, a booklet of notes for students, and guidelines for monitoring and evaluating school elections . These are already standard practice in >50 colleges in four regions. We hope that experiencing the benefits of living and learning in environments run on democratic principles will develop values that children will carry with them and fight for, in their adult lives.



We also promote education and empowerment of African youths and youth leaders through seminars -


- with lawyers discussing why and how governance issues affect ordinary people and what they can do at their level to ensure good governance,

- on the achievements of civil rights leaders around the world, and their place as role models for Africa's youth,

- on the place and role of NGOs and charity in our growing nations,

- 'Building a Better Future,' discussions with a human rights lawyer,

- School election training seminars were held for secondary school administrators: principals, vice-principals, discipline masters and teacher trainers from 47 schools.

- School election seminars were held for 290 student peer educators.

- with educators discussing national strategy for leadership and citizenship education in schools and colleges.




Available publications,

'The Challenge of Democracy in Africa. Establishing Democracy in Multi-Ethnic and Multi-Tribal Societies,' by Bernard Muna, 2005,

can be obtained from [email protected]

or download a summary chapter here


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