We teach, and encourage learning about Conservation Values, in primary and secondary schools, in community and church groups, and through CVP internships.

CVP Education, photo report

African Pilote -  June 2014, Somié Adamaoua region Cameroon celebrate International Environment Day with UNAFAS CVP


We develop, deliver and assess educational innovations that promote awareness and appreciation of Africa's unique natural heritage, building conservation values, and inspiring people to participate in protecting their environments.

Faith based Conservation Values
Teaching Love of Creation in Sunday Schools
UNAFAS CVP 'Holiday Classes'
Training and resources for 50 rural teachers and community leaders, Dec 2011

PACE training for ERUDEF partner schools in Lebielem
Somié Adamaoua region Cameroon celebrate International Environment Day 2014


CVP scholars and interns join us for a year or vacation period. We provide professional development opportunities and mentoring. Law and arts students gain an appreciation of the need for Conservation Values in society and we hope, go on to promote this in their future careers.

Conservation Values in Lebialem: Ndeloh, Tamnjong & Ncha

Ngum Paul Chu's report
Expanding teaching and learning repertoires with Pan African Conservation Education


We work with schools to help them develop Conservation Values in their students, staff and wider networks.

Cross-curricular Conservation Values education in secondary schools, March 2008

CVP education, in schools, June 2008

Sharing and discussing conservation values, local and international

International conservation education forum - "Silent Forests" Jan 2011

Training events
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is a set of teaching resources designed by and for Cameroonian teachers

some examples
- La technique du papier mâché (film, french)
- Waste management Teacher Resources (video, english)
- Environment and Conservation Vocabulary (English)

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A programme that has grown into a network of partnerships between education authorities, conservation and environment organisations, at local, national and international levels

2011 & 2012 achievements were presented at the EEASA  Congress at Rhodes University in September 2012 (view pdf  here)
(Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa)

- Full paper as pdf - Embedding conservation education in school curriculum teaching and learning - four education authorities in Cameroon partner with the conservation community to develop teacher training and classroom resources based on national species, case studies and data sets

Our work was presented at the 7th World Environmental Education Congress, June 9th-14th 2013, in Marrakesh, Morocco (view pdf here)

and at FAEVEM 2013 in, December 2013

Our extensive survey of teacher attitudes to and knowledge of conservation and environment has provided valuable feedback for schools development

The survey informed the content and design for 'Cameroon Our Home' 
inspired a tailor made Environmental Education university course for students training to be secondary teachers at Université Evangélique du Cameroun

We work closely with the  PACE project.  PACE (Pan African Conservation Education) was an initiative of TUSK and Siren Conservation Education, it was launched in 2004. UNAFAS CVP has used PACE resources since 2006, became a national hub in 2013 and with our partner Education and Training Africa has been coordinating PACE Africa wide since 2016.   We recommend their resources and are proud to be a central part of the PACE network

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