Enables tree planting that protects, enhances and restores the environment

We support grass-roots tree planting initiatives, inform on suitable species to grow, provide training, technical & organisational support. Our tree nursery, an experimental and demonstration site, also provides seedlings to help others launch their own planting projects.


CVP Tree planting

CVP Tree Nursery

Silviculture training
CVP Tree planting news June 2008
Notes from the UNAFAS CVP nursery, practical tips and advice on germinating and nursing economic tree species
Tree planting in Menchum Valley
Putting some trees back, in Cameroon
Oct 2007 at Befang nursery
Menchum Valley village tree planting Feb 2008
Menchum news, June 2008
September 2008 tree news
Trees planted and growing well - October 2009

Community tree planting in Somié Adamaoua Region - involving young people and children

Our trees have been planted in 10 divisions, of five regions, for watershed management, erosion control, reafforestation, environmental improvement, for conservation values education, and introducing farmers, landowners and students to the idea of cultivating indigenous species.


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